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Tablet Users Are Game, Video & Music Consumers

In a study put out by comScore and reported by Fierce Mobile Content and the appside, interested parties can see that the number one use of tablet devices is games, with 67% of surveyed tablet users saying they’ve played a game at least once in the past month, as compared to 49% of smartphone users surveyed. 23% of those surveyed said they’d played a game on their tablet EVERY DAY. That’s a good number.

The following two most popular items are, somewhat intuitively, watching video clips from a site like YouTube, and then listening to downloaded music, with 65% and 62% of surveyed tablet users, respectively. Reading electronic magazines and listening to streaming music are next on the list, each with a 57% score. Which, really, is pretty amazing in and of itself. Over half of the tablet users surveyed admit to reading, and more folks download music than stream it. Interesting.

Of course, the survey didn’t ask tablet users what they did with their devices in non-entertainment categories, so developers of productivity and business applications won’t be able to use much of this data. In the entertainment area, though, we see that smartphone users and tablet users surveyed listen to music about the same amount. The similarity ends, however, when looking at TV shows/Video, with the tablet users reporting a much higher percentage of watching. Maybe that bigger screen is in fact important?

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Rob LeFebvre
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  • Anonymous

    True, many tablets users are for video and games, just as said “iPad Seen as Next Great Portable Video Game Device” early in iFunia iPad column.
    And many of my friends are using the ipad to be a game player…

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  • Remy kelvin

    This means most of the laptop users just buy it for fun. Usage of any device is always for the dual purposes. People always use things for fun as well as work. In my point of view many people read various books and newspapers on iPad / Tablets who I know personally.