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OpenFeint Founder Jason Citron Launches Games Startup Phoenix Guild

Jason Citron, founder of Aurora Feint / Open Feint, which sold to Japan based social games company GREE recently for $104M, just announced his new mobile games-based startup, Phoenix Guild.

Phoenix Guild will be focused on creating multiplayer games in a post-PC world. Think MMOs on your iPhone and iPad. He plans on focusing on games that would appeal to core gamers. Sounds like just what we need in a world that has nearly reached the saturation point with variations on Farmville.

You may remember that Jason Citron with partner Danielle Cassley originally launched a few games under the Aurora Feint name on the App Store. Quickly extracting the multiplayer and social features of those games and expanding the company into the social gaming network space with OpenFeint. Aurora Feint was one of the apps available on the App Store on launch day and was the first review we published on 148Apps way back in July, 2008.

OpenFeint grew and grew and became the biggest third party social game service now with over 200 million users. It’s that network that attracted the attention of GREE. OpenFeint is expected to be the core piece of the GREE social game system currently under development.

Phoenix Guild is just now looking for $1M in initial funding and currently exists of just Mr. Citron. Though with funding he will likely add a few more passionate people to the company which he hopes to grow considerably. In his vision of a post-PC world, he believes that his company has the possibility to grow to be the biggest games company around. Big words from Mr. Citron, but perhaps this is the time for disruption of just this sort in the gaming space.

No timeline from Phoenix Guild on their first release. But if funding is secured quickly, I would hope to see it before the end of the year.

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