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New Report Shows HTML5 Runs Best on iOS

A newly released report from Spaceport has taken a look at HTML5 performance across a number of mediums, and the results show that iOS comes out clearly on top. According to extensive testing, the iPad 2 is far and away the best device to run HTML5, and other iOS machines blow their Android counterparts out of the water, performing roughly three times better than the competition. Though the latest Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich are beginning to close the gap, the data still shows that Apple devices are the benchmark against which all others will continue to be measured.

The methodology used for the experiment was to see how many images can be moved on the screen at a time while still maintaining a frame rate of at least 30 frames-per-second (FPS). Many developers consider 30 FPS to be the minimum allowable performance for games on mobile devices, so the study should be of particular interest to game designers. Spaceport’s test results show 200 objects moving on the latest model iPhones, and 300 on the iPad 2. By comparison, the best Android device only pushed 100 objects at once. This was only slightly better than the iPhone 3G, the lowest-testing iPhone model, which managed 50 objects. The worst Android device couldn’t even manage a single moving object at 30 FPS.

The results seem pretty clear-cut; if you’re looking for the best HTML5 performance then there’s no better option than iOS.

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  • David Hedrick

    This hardly sounds like a credible report. There are a very large variety of Android devices… some are made for low budget and are not a fair comparison, unless you show me an iphone I can get for less than $100 new with no contract!
    As for the top end Android devices… which one? With what browser installed, since there are many available?
    What is the network used to stream the images?
    I find it very hard to believe that something like the Samsung Galaxy S3 with 1.5GHz Quad core processor, LTE/4G capability and 1Gb of Ram, with an appropriate browser installed, would do any less than completely destroy every Apple device available for testing.
    the fact that the numbers are rounded tot he nearest hundred when the scaling is in the hundreds is grossly inaccurate and is typical of an attempt to decieve the reader with exaggerations.
    The lack of specifics similarly prevents third parties testing to see if your data is repeatable and accurate also.
    This entire article is suspect.