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Manage, Test and Deploy Applications for iPhone with AppBlade

A new service was launched on Wednesday to help developers in deploying their apps to clients and testers. AppBlade allows developers of mobile apps to get ad hoc distributions of their apps to a limited set of users and testers, as well as thousands of people via an enterprise solution. AppBlade also allows apps to be managed at a higher level, giving the option to auto-update apps, control who uses it, and eve employ a kill-switch option without needing the devices themselves. The service even gives deployment information about active and inactive users, crash reports, and statistics on app usage. The service works with iOS, Android, and “other mobile platforms.” According to the company, this means light Blackberry support with plans for other systems as time goes on.

Typically, companies trying to deploy applications, for the iPhone especially, have to use a number of complex steps to move developed applications from the developer to testers or other enterprise users. The process can be confusing and involves many steps. AppBlade hopes to help manage this complexity from one simple, easy to use centralized location. The AppBlade folks believe that the best solution for using increasingly ubiquitous personal tools in enterprise environments is this more secure, company-focused service.

Here’s a handy video with more information.

[youtube mgSsLAnzrG8 600]

AppBlade the company began in 2010 by a group in Boston, MA who found the app deployment and testing process difficult and labor-intensive. They decided to develop a deployment service from the ground up and offer it to other developers to benefit from. Pricing begins at $49 per month for a single development company and moves to a $49 per month per user for an enterprise solution tier.

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