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KinderTown Releases Results of Study Showing How and What Parents Search For in Kids’ Apps

KinderTown, developers of an app that helps collect the best kids apps on the App Store, have released a study based on searches within their app. Their “KinderSights” analytics study collected data from June 20th to July 10th, and they have released the results from the study, revealing some key insights into those that search for kids’ apps on the App Store.

The most-searched criterion was age, with 50.2% of searches looking for apps for a particular age. Second was price at 40.6%, followed by platform at 31.8%, and the type of app was last at 30.2%.

Parents appear to be searching for apps for younger kids – age 3 is the most popular (37.7%), with decreasing popularity up to age 8 (14.0%).

As far as pricing goes, 3.1% of searches were for paid apps in particular. 37.5% of users were looking for free apps in particular. Interestingly, this is despite less than 10% of apps listed in KinderTown being free apps.

Platform may not be that important to users. 70% of KinderTown searches were from the iPad, but under 20% specified a platform. This could mean that users could be looking for apps from their iPad for their iPhones as well, or didn’t know about the platform difference. Or, they didn’t care, as KinderTown speculates. Also, universal apps were only searched specifically for by 3% of users looking for apps through KinderTown.

As far as the types of apps that parents wanted, language and math apps were the overwhelming favorite searches: 35.0% for language, 34.2% for math. Pre-reading and reading were 2 of the top 3 overall category searches. Science was the least popular (8%) but remember – math IS a science. As well, with the majority of searching being for young kids, it may make sense – parents might be more interested in developing core skills in their children.

This study shows to prospective developers of kids’ apps the areas that they may want to target when considering what to develop.

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