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GameSpy Surpasses 600 Games In Development on Its Platform

Today GameSpy announced that there are over 600 titles in development for its year-old GameSpy Open platform. The stable of upcoming titles includes games like Warm Gun, Skullgirls and more, with a total of 1200 developers hard at work on new projects.

“Making a robust online experience is absolutely essential for the Emotional Robots team and for Warm Gun,” said Zach Lehman, Executive Producer at Emotional Robots. “GameSpy Technology helps us to put together a complete package, with robust data tracking, social network integration and multiplayer.”

GameSpy sees Open as a sort of catch-all tool for developers, allowing them to add functionality and incorporate data tracking into their games, all while making it easy to port their titles from one device to another. The last bit is crucial, as many studios struggle with finding methods to rebuild iOS games for Android and vice versa.

Based on this announcement we may just be seeing the tip of the iceberg, and we’re eagerly awaiting news on more games that will be powered by the GameSpy Open platform.

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