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GameAdTrading Integrates With Unity to Deliver Ads to Many Platforms

German studio elblabs is launching a new ad network, GameAdTrading. What elblabs is claiming that their network can do better than other networks is simple: adaptability to many different platforms.

This adaptability is largely because GameAdTrading is currently available as a plugin for Unity, the engine that’s primarily designed for 3D games, but often finds use simply as a cross-platform engine. For example, Cthulhu Saves the World, a 16-bit-inspired RPG that has pretty much nothing three-dimensional about it at all, was ported from XNA to Unity for the mobile versions. The ability to publish to iOS, Android, and PC/Mac makes it an attractive option for even simulation games that aren’t as graphically-demanding. elblabs is also taking requests via email for other engines, including Flash.

As well, the platform will offer developers choice in the kinds of ads that they display. Developers can choose which kinds of industries they wish to serve ads for, and what kinds of ads that will be displayed. Both banner and video ads are available, and developers will have control over when and where these are displayed, within some limits. Developers will also get 60% of the revenue of an ad campaign after it is over.

For advertising providers, GameAdTrading is claiming that ads from existing online formats will be adaptable to their service, allowing for the reuse of internet banner ads, for example. Apps that use the GameAdTrading SDK will display ads that conform to the standards set by the Interactive Advertising Bureau for in-game advertisements, that will help ensure that advertisers receive proper exposure and fair value for the ads they serve. As well, pricing is based off of what elblabs claims are “actual generated AdImpressions, AdClicks and AdLeads.”

It should not be forgotten amongst all the advertising information and jargon that the potential impact for developers is huge: having an easy-to-use advertising system that can be plugged into Unity games is something that could make sure that the engine is relevant for more developers. This is true even if their games aren’t meant to be pushing the 3D capabilities of the platforms they wish to release on. elblabs will be demonstrating GameAdTrading at gamescom in Cologne August 15th–17th.

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