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Disney Releases a Line of Where’s My Water Merchandise

Intensely popular Disney game, Where’s My Water?, will be receiving its first line of merchandise based on the game. The physics-based puzzler by Disney has been popular on both iOS and Android. Fans of the popular game can now buy all kinds of merchandise featuring the story’s character, Swampy the Alligator.

The merchandise will be available to mass retailers in June but some items are already available at the Disney Store and its website. The line-up includes plush and novelty toys, consumer electronics accessories, apparel, and accessories by various retailers including Hasbro, Toys ‘R’ Us, JAKKS Pacific.

The popular game is also looking to expand to a video series, specifically a 12-episode web series titled “Wheres My Water? The Adventures of Swampy.” The web series is due later this year.

While other popular iOS games have looked to monetize by selling game-themed merchandise (like Angry Birds and others), Where’s My Water? may be at an advantage with the publisher of the game already owning a popular retail outlet, The Disney Store. Another wave of retail merchandise will follow in the fall that includes a face-to-face game, consumer electronics, stationary, home accessories, and Halloween costumes.

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