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Apple Starts Rejecting Apps with UDID Access

As Apple warned the development community in August, it has started rejecting apps submitted to the App Store that access a user’s UDID. This seems to be a response to Congress’ interest in privacy concerns in mobile devices.

Kim-Mai Cutler from TechCrunch reports that while the UDID is used for many mobile ad networks for targeted ads, UDIDs pose real privacy issues.

“…there are very real privacy risks tied to the widespread use of UDIDs. They’re more sensitive than cookies on the web because they can’t be cleared or deleted. And they’re tied to the most personal of devices…”

According to Cutler’s information, Apple is starting with two of its app review teams and slowly working up to all ten of their review teams. These teams are starting to do blanket rejections of all apps that access UDIDs.

Back in August, VentureBeat’s Devindra Hardawar pointed out that Apple should just completely get rid of UDID access.

“Apple could avoid many privacy headaches by killing off UDID access entirely. The company was sued last year by a Los Angeles man specifically because UDIDs were so easily accessible by apps”

While there are obviously privacy concerns, this is going to be quite the problem for app developers that access UDIDs in their apps.

[Original source: Kevin Dent via Twitter]

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