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9 Out of 10 Smartphone Owners Want a Bigger Screen, Claims Strategy Analytics

A recent survey from Strategy Analytics claims that when it comes to smartphones, bigger really is better. According to the report 90 percent of smartphone owners wish their device had a bigger screen.

“Almost 90 percent of existing smartphone owners surveyed chose a prototype smartphone with a display larger than their current device,” commented Paul Brown, a Director in the Strategy Analytics User Experience Practice. “This trend is driven by increased mobile web browsing capability, as well as engaging video and gaming experiences.”

The study did find that there is such a thing as too big though, as users balk at devices that grow too bulky or appear too large to comfortably fit in pockets. It seems the magic spot for screen size is 4 to 4.5 inches.

This creates an interesting dilemma for the iPhone, as the device has stuck to its standard 3.5 inch screen for quite a long time. It seems that every time rumors of the next iPhone float up a new screen is mentioned, and every time it’s shot back down as Apple sticks to their standard. Up until now, it was possible to claim that maybe the Retina Display wouldn’t look right on a larger screen, but the upcoming iPad 3 disproves that bit of speculation. With several Android devices already checking in with screens over 4 inches it may be time for Apple to take some dramatic steps or risk being left behind in at least one area of design.

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