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33% of Children 0-8 Have Used Tablets/Smartphones

There’s no such thing as to young when it comes to smartphones and tablets. When keeping in mind the younger audiences when developing apps, even the youngest of children have a high percentage of exposure to mobile devices. An infographic released by has reported that 38% of 0-8 year-olds have used tablets or smartphones.

The infographic is filled with interesting information about the younger audiences of mobile devices. Not surprising, the highest usage task for children using tablets is playing games (at 77%). Other notable usage numbers include education (57%) and entertainment at restaurants and events (41%). Parents are also downloading apps specifically for their children (25% of parents).

The number of children using tablets is rising too. Numbers were taken between July and September of last year and October and December. Between those two periods, tablet usage in kids under 12 rose 7% from 61% to 70%. Parents even believe that tablet use is beneficial for their children. 77% believe they are beneficial and another 77% believe tablets help with creativity.

Educational use is also on the rise. There are now over 600 school districts implementing iPad programs. The infographics gives a quick look at some of the most popular educational apps. Most of those apps are free including Molecules and Today in History.

Take a look at the inforgraphic below. (Click on image for a larger view)

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