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W3i Thinks Android Monetization is Catching Up with iOS, and It’s Using Temple Run to Show How It’s Being Done

For the longest time, Android has been perecieved as being in a distant second to iOS for developers. The revenue has just not been there over time, and Android success has been generally defined by volume of users rather than on a value proposition per user. But that’s changing. W3i, who provide services like analytics and offerwalls to Android developers, are reporting that at least in one metric reported by their network, things are starting to equal out between the two platforms.

Average revenue per conversion on W3i’s network between the two platforms was nearly equal at just under $0.90 in August 2012; in September 2012 the ARPC went up to $0.90 on Android and reached $1.10 on iOS; a device called the iPhone 5 may have helped those totals. While iOS ARPC costs are steadily increasing, Android totals spiked during the summer, and continued growing.

As well, what helps out is that Android offers more opportunities for marketers, and one big-name title is starting to take advantage of what W3i’s offering. Temple Run developers Imangi Studios has partnered up with W3i to bring its offerwall service to the app. Users can take part in incentivized downloads and offers to gain more coins in Temple Run. This way, Imangi drives additional revenue through driving downloads to other games, and those publishers gain the likelihood of more users through those that take advantage of offers.

Imangi has shown a proclivity for incentivized advertising before: Temple Run at one point was pulled from the App Store for letting users watch videos to receive coins. Changes in Apple policy caused the app to be removed, however with Android’s more lax approval process, incentivized installs and offerwalls like W3i and Tapjoy can thrive on Android. W3i is claiming that for Imangi, they could be making seven-figure revenue off of this deal, especially if the ARPC figures hold. Even for smaller developers, if it’s possible to launch on Android, this is more evidence suggesting that launching over there may not be the revenue wasteland that some perceive it to be.

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