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Tips for Effective Social Media App Marketing From Supercool Creative

Social media is often an enigma to developers looking to promote their apps. It’s a tool that can be incredibly powerful for getting more downloads and driving revenue, but just how to succeed with it is a mystery to many. Facebook integration, especially with the App Store, has been anticipated by developers as a way to help their games spread through social media, but these features won’t be doing all the work to make an app gain users through social media usage. However, David Murdico has written an interesting blog post for Supercool Creative entitled “5 Ways to Promote Mobile Apps and Games with Social Media” that covers many ways to best utilize social media to developers’ advantage.

Murdico first says that the idea with content should be to not try to explicitly ‘sell’ one’s app in every single social media dispatch, but to actually try to be interesting while also promoting the app as a secondary objective. Content has a greater chance to go viral when it is meant to be entertaining. It can also serve as a way to keep in users’ minds. Get a user to follow a Twitter account for a game, and it may remind them to play it when they see a post from that account they follow.

Next, when it comes to social media channels, Murdico recommends being proficient and consistent. Reach out through many channels. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, heck, there’s people on Google+ to reach out to. Then, once on there, find a consistent voice that matches well with the style of the app. If the app is comical in nature, then that should be reflected in the tone of social media posts. If it’s serious, then it should follow a similar tone. But most importantly, make sure it’s consistent.

Murdico preaches that interaction is important: when people respond to a post, respond back! This helps to build the connections necessary to get people to care about an app and share it.

Murdico comments that giveaways are a great way to build a loyal following, and to also help increase reach on social media, as users will often share news about giveaways and pay attention for the next one. The giveaways don’t have to be big, small prizes will do.

Finally, Murdico says that it should always be easy for people who want to download the promoted app to go and download it with one click. Have links handy when necessary. People on social media have short attention spans. Make sure that all this work promoting apps isn’t for naught!

While these tips are not guarantees to success, much like releasing an app, doing the right things can go a long way toward making it successful.

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