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Sprint Open Solutions Conference Recap

Sprint recently held their 11th developers conference in Santa Clara, CA. I attended with the main goal of seeing how the addition of the iPhone to the Sprint portfolio of devices would impact the conference. And while Android completely dominated the session list, iOS was represented well at the conference, especially so considering the iPhone has been on Sprint for less than a month.

Some of the other key focus points of the conference echo the current trends in the industry and point the direction that Sprint will head in the future. Items such as NFC communications, machine to machine communications (M2M), and 4G roll out dominated both the keynotes and the sessions. While only one session was dedicated to the iPhone and iOS, it was a topic of conversation in many of the sessions and mentioned frequently in the keynotes.

It was big news when Sprint finally got the iPhone last month. From the mood that the Sprint Open Solutions Conference held last week, they are also welcoming iOS developers. I’ve been to more than a few press conferences and developers conferences from the major US carriers in the past few years. And one of the most interesting things to me has been how little AT&T mentions the iPhone at their conferences. And Verizon recently had their developers conference and dedicated not a single session to iOS or the iPhone. So while iOS barely gets a mention at the AT&T and Verizon developers conference, Sprint welcomed iOS to their stable with a three hour of introductory session from Bill Dudney, Tim Burks, and others. This is just a beginning of course, but it’s promising.

During the keynote from CEO Dan Hesse, he mentioned many times how great it was to have the iPhone on Sprint now (and to no longer have to answer the question of when they would get the iPhone). The addition of the iPhone 4 and 4S should allow Sprint to have their best year ever this year. Needing to have just one million adds to reach that record level. The iPhone should easily help them retain users and gain new ones.

Steve Jobs also got a very nice mention from CEO Dan Hesse to close out the keynote. Mr. Hesse commented that there’s no doubt that “Steve jobs, Apple, and the iPhone have revolutionized this industry.”

Overall a great conference, packed with information. Put this on one your radar for next year.

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