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Sharing is Caring: The iOS Game Developer Revenue Survey

Owen Goss, the intelligent and dare we say good looking iOS game developer (Dapple, Landformer, Baby’s Musical Hands), is wanting to get some data about iOS game revenue. His perspective is that smaller, independent game developers and studios really need better market dat, without hiring super expensive consulting firms to do so. He’s created a short, eight question survey that gathers no personally identifying information to that end. Now, he just needs iOS game developers to take it.

Owen says,

“The goal is to get an idea of what the App Store economy looks like for games. The term “average” (or mean) gets thrown around a lot, but if you’re an iOS developer, you know that average is almost meaningless, because the massive hits on the App Store distort the mean. What is more important is the median, or what the middle game in the pack is making. I am hoping that, if enough people take the survey, we can start to get an idea of what that median is.”

Now, we all know that math is hard, but you can’t really do any kind of development without it. Owen plans to release the data in aggregate to help all independent iOS developers have a better sense of the market for their efforts. That sounds win / win to us.

A direct link to the survey is here:

Head on over to Owen’s blog for more details or to contact him directly.

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  • Magnus Söderberg

    Survey answered, or rather will be soon.

  • iPhone Developers Team

    I saw article telling that Nokia OVI average revenue was 2.5x higher than ios developer – even average tell something.