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ngmoco Bring in Sega President, Simon Jeffery, Launch Their Platform

pluspluscolor_logotypeonlyNgmoco initially announced that they would be opening up their backend community gaming platform to third party developers at the GDC earlier this year. They have now made that a little more official and announced the name and a few more details. In addition, they have announced the hire of a Chief Publishing Officer, Simon Jeffery who is currently the president and COO of Sega of America. He will head up the Plus+ Publishing group at ngmoco.

Simon Jeffery has a pretty good resume with stints at LucasArts, Virgin Interactive, and Electronic Arts and over 22 years experience. Most recently he has been president and COO of Sega of America.

“It’s a very exciting time to be shaping a new games landscape with a super-talented team.  With Plus+ Publishing we are going to be able to create a system for great developers to plug directly into an incredible, proven publishing framework & network technology to help accelerate their games.” Jeffery said.

The Plus+Network (is that pronounced plus plus network? plus and network? or just plus network?) which is a robust community gaming platform will be rolling out later this year. We don’t know full details yet, what we do know is that it will directly compete with CGPs such as OpenFeint.

Ngmoco’s community gaming platform will include all of the features you would expect:

Single profile across all games in the network
Friends / Followers
Metascore (ala XBox gamer score)
Challenges (which we’ve seen in the recently launched Star Defense)
Achievements / Awards
Cross Promotion

We’ll see the Plus+Network roll out first on some ngmoco games such as Rolando 2, Star Defense, and the as yet un-named first person shooter code-named Livefire.

No requirements or payment arrangements are yet known for third parties interested in the platform. We’ll learn more over the summer as ngmoco games utilizing the platform start to roll out.

Initially, the network won’t integrate with Facebook, but that feature is planned with integration via Facebook Connect.

We’ll have more for you as soon as we get it. For now, if you are a developer and interested in more info, send an email to

[portions via TechCrunch]

See the full press release from ngmoco after the jump.

ngmoco Names Former SEGA of America President and COO Simon Jeffery Chief Publishing Officer to Helm Plus+ Publishing
Plus+ Publishing Offers Developers Access to ngmoco’s Infrastructure and Key Technologies Including Plus+ Network

San Francisco – June 15, 2009 – ngmoco, leading developer and publisher of games for iPhone and iPod touch has named former SEGA of America president and COO Simon Jeffery as its chief publishing officer to helm the company’s new Plus+ Publishing group.  The new initiative is an opportunity for partner companies to access ngmoco’s innovative publishing framework, including the new Plus+ Network.
“We are excited to welcome Simon to ngmoco,” Neil Young, founder and CEO, ngmoco, said.  “ngmoco is dedicated to bringing a connected community of gamers the very best native iPhone & iPod touch games.  Today’s announcement of Simon, Plus+ Publishing and Plus+ Network continues and extends our commitment beyond creative collaboration by opening our innovative publishing infrastructure to others.”
Simon Jeffery brings 22 years of games industry experience to ngmoco after more than four years as president and COO of Sega of America, where he oversaw all publishing and product development activities for the top ten publisher.  Prior to Sega, Jeffery was president and COO of LucasArts.  Jeffery moved to LucasArts in 1998 after working in a number of marketing, business, and development roles for Virgin Interactive and Electronic Arts, both in the United States and Europe.
“I am delighted to join ngmoco,” Jeffery said.  “It’s a very exciting time to be shaping a new games landscape with a super-talented team.  With Plus+ Publishing we are going to be able to create a system for great developers to plug directly into an incredible, proven publishing framework & network technology to help accelerate their games.” 
Plus+ Publishing will offer an infrastructure for developers to take advantage of ngmoco’s innovative publishing systems, provide access to the Plus+ Network and give custom support to participating partners.

Plus+ Network, which Young teased on stage during the Apple WWDC keynote last week, harnesses the latest OS3.0 technology for iPhone and iPod touch games to give a powerful social network to gamers.  Centered around a persistent profile, Plus+ allows players of all skill levels to connect, compete and progress.  ngmoco will be rolling out details of Plus+ Network over the summer in parallel with new game launches.
“We have a long-term vision for Plus+ Network to grow to become the definitive service for iPhone and iPod touch gamers to discover games and friends, play against each other and ultimately gain success, bragging rights and rewards in the community,” noted ngmoco founder and COO, Joe Keene.  “We are thrilled to have Simon lead the efforts on bringing partner games into the network, and help build a robust community of players.”

Established in June 2008, ngmoco has already developed and successfully released multiple iPhone and iPod touch games including the award-winning Rolando and chart toppers MazeFinger, Topple, Topple 2, Dr. Awesome, Dropship, Word Fu and the just released Star Defense.  With five top ten products and its games having been installed more than nine million times, ngmoco is one of the leading game makers and publishers for the iPhone & iPod Touch.

About ngmoco

Headquartered in San Francisco, ngmoco was founded in 2008 by games industry veterans committed to the new mobile landscape opened up by Apple’s iPhone. ngmoco creates and publishes games built specifically for the iPhone made in collaboration with the best and brightest game makers in the world. Founded by Neil Young, Bob Stevenson, Alan Yu and Joe Keene, the company’s investors include Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Norwest Venture Partners & Maples Investments.
To witness the lives and minds of the ngmoco team at work on the future of iPhone and iPod touch games, visit 

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  • Will Robertson

    With the App Store growing so fast it gets harder for the lone developers to get noticed as the App Store features and media focus on the big developers. This sort of network, like Open Feint, will help these smaller developers reach a bigger audience, which will help quality games not get lost in the shuffle.

    Ngmoco is an interesting company. I tried Rolando Lite but wasn't feeling it, however I just got Star Defense this weekend and it is great! I hope their FPS is fun, I have yet to try any on the iPhone for fear of wasting my money.

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  • Nubby101

    I think it's a good move to bring in Sega…as we see with the gaming sometimes its best to attach yourself to a big name/brand.

  • Jogos Para Celular Gratis

    Very good i liked valew already added the site to favorites valew per share

  • mmorpg

    Simon Jeffery knows his stuff. Namco made a good decision to bring him in.

  • mmorpg

    Simon Jeffery knows his stuff. Namco made a good decision to bring him in.

  • Lou Alessi

    This should be a good development. Much of the previous work turned out well….or as good as can be expected. I never caught onto the cell-phone game craze, but my wife did and she loves some of the apps made by these guys. I think there was one where you were a cowboy and you had to use the iPhone to “quickdraw” from your holster and try to shoot a computer opponent. Or maybe that was another developer. Either way, it was pretty fun.