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MocoSpace Studies Why People Play Mobile Games

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MocoSpace has announced the results of their new “Y U Play?” study that tries to answer the question of just why people play mobile games, anyway? The answer for the majority of people appears to be just pure entertainment. 34% of people like to play mobile games because “the games are fun,” and 32% do it because they are bored, or want to kill time.

The interesting part of the data here is the way that a significant portion of the mobile gaming audience considers mobile games a distraction from boredom, more so than as a kind of entertainment source.

This may be why games that encourage short-term play sessions tend to do well on mobile in particular: because people are just looking for something to enjoy just when they’re trying to pass time, as much as a source of entertainment.

However, the number of people that are playing games for more pure gaming reasons still comprise a significant part as well, with an additional 10% playing games for the purpose of competition. So, the market of mobile gamers who want intense experiences should not be neglected either, because they do exist.

A variety of other responses were listed for why people play mobile games. 9% play to meet new people. 3% even play to flirt in the games, which is not something that most people would realize that is happening. Only 3% play because they are always on the go, though 6% play to try something new. Mobile gaming may not be a replacement for traditional gaming for those who are on the go, but does appear to represnet a significant concern for players.

As well, with about 25% of players enjoying mobile games because they can play with other people, social features may need to be something that game developers put an emphasis on – a lot of people enjoy games primarily to compete and communicate with other people, as much as they enjoy playing the games themselves.

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