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iCloud: Implications for Developers

We had the chance to speak to Dave Howell of Avatron Software, makers of Air Sharing, Print Sharing, and Air Display. Howell had a few things to say about the new lay of the land now that iCloud has come out.

Air Sharing is a file sharing app, allowing users to interact with a large list of different file formats. It can connect to computers, create a wireless hard disk with your iOS device, share file with other users, and even print documents. It connects to many cloud services, like FTP, the now defunct iDisk, Dropbox and, among others.

Howell suggests that iCloud is now allowing developers like him to reduce costs, and use iCloud to store information for app usage, including Key Value Storage. This allows developers to leverage the free nature of the basic iCloud service instead of incurring server costs, or using higher priced options like Dropbox and

Of course, developers will need to consider the down side of iCloud as well. There is no Windows or Linux support, yet. Many users may opt out of using iCloud, even for the basic 5G. If developing a game, for example, and storing a user’s high score on iCloud so it’s available to all copies of the game across iOS devices, developers will need to make sure there is a secondary system in place to meet the same needs for users without iCloud.

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