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GREE Platform Enters Open Beta, OpenFeint Migration Begins

GREE has announced that the Gree Platform is officially in open beta, allowing any interested developers the ability to integrate GREE’s API in their apps to try and increase the viability and visibility of their apps.

What this SDK will do is try to integrate features from the GREE platform currently being used on an international basis, along with some OpenFeint features, to allow developers to get their social features in their apps. This includes not just leaderboards and achievements, but also invites, requests, and sharing, to try and help users who want to engage socially with other players. As well, GREE claims that these tools will help developers reach engaged players, get more installs, and acquire users at a more efficient rate.

One of the key benefits of the GREE Platform will be the ability for developers reach users of different languages, as localization is a key focus for GREE. The GREE Platform will launch with English and Japanese language support, but GREE-backed titles will be launching in 14 languages, with hopes of expanding the current OpenFeint user base of 230 million.

Of course, many social tools claim to help out users, and many of these features are already integrated either at a system level with Game Center on iOS, or in the OpenFeint feature set. With GREE behind the new push with their platform, the possibility exists for some of the features that have laid dormant to get new pushes, and possibly be rebranded in ways that will expose them to new users.

The beta is open to interested developers by registering at the GREE Developer Center. Those who currently use OpenFeint in their games will be apparently be able to migrate their games from OpenFeint to the GREE Platform, with instructions to be added to the Developer Center. OpenFeint has been a big part of iOS’ history, and it appears as if that old leaf icon may soon be lost to history as the GREE Platform takes hold.

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