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GREE Platform Announces New Partners; Why This Could Be the Spearhead for HTML5 Gaming on iOS

Japanese social gaming service GREE has announced 20 new partners to work with their gaming platform, the GREE Platform. Working in the fields of localization, server-side infrastructure, debug, and user support, these partners will help to expand their platform as it begins to launch worldwide. In particular, Amazon and Microsoft’s Japanese divisions will be partners in the field of server-side infrastructure. The full list of partners and their services is listed below:

1.     Localization

DIGITAL Hearts Co.,Ltd.
Katalyst Lab Inc.
Keywords International Limited
Lionbridge Technologies
Poletowin Pitcrew Holdings, Inc.


2.     Server-side Infrastructure

Amazon Data Services Japan
FreeBit Co.,Ltd.
GMO Internet, Inc.
IDC Frontier Inc.
Microsoft Japan Co.,Ltd.
RightScale®, Inc.


3.     Debug

DIGITAL Hearts Co.,Ltd.
Poletowin Pitcrew Holdings, Inc.
VeriServe Corporation


4.     User Support

E-Guardian Inc.
GaiaX Co.Ltd.
ISAO Corporation
Poletowin Pitcrew Holdings, Inc.
transcosmos inc.

What the GREE Platform provides is not just payment processing for in-app purchases on iOS and Android, but also access to GREE users, offering friend lists, location features, and invites. The service took off on Featurephones in Asian territories, and GREE is beginning to expand on to smartphones, and globally; their purchase of social gaming service OpenFeint last year was an indicator of this in particular. As well, GREE Platform also works with cross-platform middleware solution Unity, for integration into games using that engine.

Where the most interesting aspect of these partnerships comes in is possibly that the GREE Platform will actually support implementation with web apps. This means that a game programmed in Javascript, HTML5, and CSS could support GREE’s features like friend lists and invitations, along with payment processing completely from within a webapp or browser. While mobile HTML5 gaming is still in its infancy, this could be a major push for GREE on mobile.

Many of the social games that use GREE would not inherently require the additional processing power of a native app, and on iOS in particular, the ability to keep all the revenue from processing payments instead of going through Apple services as required could be a major boon to GREE. Compare this to one of their key competitors, Mobage, who have taken the route of limiting their service on iOS to where Mobacoins are only usable in the app they are purchased in, per Apple guidelines, instead of being usable across various apps that use their services like on Android and other platforms. If GREE took the steps to promote apps outside of the App Store on iOS, they could achieve what their key competitor has not.

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