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Fiksu Reveals Why the iPhone 5 Launch Could be a Boon for Those Marketing Apps

If Apple’s not-so-subtle hints are to be believed, the iPhone 5 should be announced this Wednesday, September 12th. With it, Fiksu believes that there’s a wide array of marketing opportunities available from it.

So, what’s the upgrade market going to look like? Well, 74% of iPhone 4 owners, many of whom are just coming off of the end of their 2-year contracts from when it was released (at least in the USA), are planning on upgrading to the iPhone 5. 71% of iPhone 3GS owners are planning to upgrade, which could include those still happy with the device purchased in 2009, or those who jumped on it in the past couple years when it was a cheaper option. Even 64% of iPhone 4 S owners are planning to upgrade, so those looking to snatch up used iPhones might be able to find a year-old device at a good price. 38% of BlackBerry owners plan to switch, and 22% of Android users plan to switch. All in all, this could entail 10 million new iPhones being sold by the end of September, depending on Apple’s plans. While not all of these will be new users per se, there are benefits to those marketing their apps.

With users buying new phones and being anxious to use them, there will be more opportunities to advertise to users. Based on the launch of the iPhone 4S, Fiksu saw app downloads increase by 29%, due to what they call a “pent-up demand” for apps when a new phone releases. The best part is that the cost to acquire loyal users actually went down over this time by 10%. This may be a prime time for developers to market to users. People will want new apps for their new phones, and while Fiksu says that costs did spike at the launch of the iPhone 4S, there was a lift in downloads for even weeks afterward. Savvy marketing could lead to huge rewards, especially with the iPhone 5 being a brand new model, instead of a refresh of a previous year’s model, making it a potentially attractive option.

This means developers need to be ready. Their apps need to be ready for iOS 6. Any marketing plans should be fully formulated. This could be a golden opportunity to achieve app success.

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