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China Leads in New iOS and Android Activations

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China has recently become the leader in new iOS and Android device adoption (phones and tablets). It’s also finished the year in 2nd for application sessions, only behind the U.S. Specifically, China’s app session growth between last year and this year is 1126%. That’s nearly double the closest country (Argentina).

Both last month and this month, China led the world in new iOS and Android device activations (23% over 22% in February and 24% over 21% in March). The U.S. still leads in actual app usage (46% of total usage vs. 54% for every other country collectively). But while the U.S. app market is growing quickly, the rest of the world is growing even quicker.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that new app developers need to consider China as a market for their apps almost as much as the U.S. With China’s growing middle class and population advantage, the Chinese app market is bound to become even larger. Perhaps a new niche market of bilingual app developers will spring up to help create apps that can reach both the U.S. and Chinese markets.

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