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Chartboost Launches Kiosks, Allowing Independent Developers to Make Money Promoting the Big Guys’ Games

Mobile advertising service Chartboost has launched a new feature that will allow developers using their service to make money by way of helping to promote games from big developers using the Kiosks feature. Normally, the service allows developers to directly negotiate cross-promotions, or even paid promotions, with other developers. Now, even independent developers can make money off of promotions with some of the giants of the mobile industry.

What Kiosks enables develoeprs to do is to partner up with companies like GREE, Crowdstar, and Booyah to advertise their games with lucrative deals. For example, GREE is offering up to $3.50 per install of games like Zombie Jombie and Modern War. Crowdstar is doing something different: they’re going to offer prizes of up to $50,000 for the top 20 developers that drive installations to their games like Top Girl. Pocket Gems is offering developers up to $50,000 for driving installations to their games.

What this appears to let developers do is to have control over the publishers that they want to promote and make revenue off of. Developers who would prefer to promote one publisher’s titles can choose to do that, or they can find the best deal for them. It gives them more control over what their title’s interstitial ads are doing for them.

Gavin Bowman of Retro Dreamer has been using the service in some of his studio’s free titles. He says that “the level of customization and control you have over the ads that run is great, it gives it a lot of potential for doing cross promotions, and it’s cool that you can manage direct deals with advertisers through the service.” As well, developer Kiloo, known for Bullet Time HD and Frisbee Forever, reports having made $3,000 per day at one point through Chartboost alone. Chartboost’s Kiosks are available now for Chartboost members from their website.

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  • E.G.

    Could it be possible that this is becoming a vicious cycle in which the ultimate winners are those that offer the marketing platfrom, but both small and big developers end up in a sum-zero scenario?