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Jeff Hughes
Jeff Hughes has over 17 years experience marketing software products to consumer and enterprise markets. Hughes is an avid iPod/iPod Touch and iPhone user and is the creator of the sellout course Intro to Marketing iPhones Apps
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    App Developer’s Fortunes Rise and fall on App Category Changes

    Published 1/09/12 by

    App store categorization can make or break an app.

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    iPhone and iPad Apps Marketing: Secrets to Selling Your iPhone and iPad Apps – Sample Chapter

    Published 4/29/10 by

    New book “iPhone and iPad Apps Marketing: Secrets to Selling Your iPhone and iPad Apps” by Jeff Hughes will get you started down the path to better marketing. Read Chapter 1 here.

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    App Marketing 101: Pricing your iPhone App – Art and Science

    Published 7/13/09 by

    iPhone app developers would do well to carefully examine all aspects of pricing as it pertains to their product, make careful pricing decisions, monitor and measure sales results, and make adjustments as needed to maximize their revenue. You can maximize sales results for your app through better marketing and marketing includes spending some time on the challenging area of pricing.

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    App Marketing 101: Introduction to iPhone App Marketing

    Published 5/18/09 by

    Beyond just posting your app on Apple’s Appstore you may be wondering what else is needed to successfully sell your app? In short, lots! With 40,000+ apps now being hosted on Apple’s AppStore, the days of simply tossing your app on Apple’s site and hoping to gain fame and fortune are in decline.

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