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Apple (finally) Announces WWDC Dates

Picture 5Just 40 days before the start of WWDC, Apple has finally announced the dates for WWDC, their annual developer conference. And there are some major changes this year.

WWDC will be held in San Francisco, at Moscone Convention Center West from June 7th-11th. The ticket price has risen this year to $1599 and are available through the Apple Developer portal.

The big changes this year are a definite slant toward the iPhone OS and the iPhone/iPad devices. Last year, sessions were split between Mac OS, Enterprise IT and iPhone OS sessions. This year there’s hardly anything but iPhone OS. Though a few of the sessions do apply to Enterprise IT, they are iPhone focused.

Also, for the first time the Apple Design Awards has dropped the Macintosh categories and now only has iPhone and iPad versions.

Some of the reasons for this are obvious — the iPhone OS is where the rapid change and activity is right now. WWDC was very crowded last year leaving some sessions too full to attend. I’m sure that Apple is hoping that by restricting the focus of WWDC, it will help reduce the crowding. But considering the velocity behind the iPhone OS development, I expect WWDC to be just as packed this year.

Some have suggested the Mac OS is no longer of interest to Apple and is, effectively, an end of life product with the iPhone OS being the future. While I don’t think we can go as far to say that Mac OS is end of life, it is obvious that the iPhone OS is a huge part of the future of Apple. The WWDC focus shift shouts that loud and clear.

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