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Appcelerator Updates to Titanium 2.0, Adds Cloud Services

Appcelerator, the mobile app development platform, now has Appcelerator Cloud Services, pre-built cloud APIs, and released the 2.0 version of its platform, Titanium 2.0.

The new Titanium 2.0 platform allows developers to create native iOS and Android apps. It also creates web apps that can run on a smartphone browser while using Javascript and other web-based tech.

The Appcelerator Cloud Services can be used by developers who’ve already built apps outside of their Titanium software. Developers no long have to set up servers and write code for cloud servers, the Appcelerator Cloud Services have pre-built APIs that developers can use. The technology comes from Cocoafish, the app infrastructure company that Appcelerator bought earlier in the year.

The APIs that Appcelerator offers are based on a freemium model that scales depending on how much the services are used. APIs that Appcelerator currently provides includes photo sharing, push notifications, check-ins, status updates, chat, and more.

Over 300,000 app developers are registered with Appcelerator with a total of 40,000 built apps.

[via Inside Mobile Apps]

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