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AppBot Hopes to Make Developers More Aware of Their User Reviews

Filter Squad has launched a service to help developers keep track of user reviews, called AppBot. Based off of an internal project that has been expanded and released to the public, this can help developers keep track of the popular opinion on their apps.

AppBot sends a daily digest of the latest user reviews for a developer’s app, allowing them to get a feeling for what their users are saying on a regular basis. For example, if a new version of iOS launches, and 1-star reviews are saying that the app is crashing, then the developer has a point of entry to troubleshoot. Or, common complaints or request made in reviews can be more easily tracked in this daily digest format.

AppBot also tries to help developers connect to their users by offering links to Google searches for certain reviewers. This could make it easier to connect via social networking to help provide support, or to thank users who give good reviews. As getting in touch with users who leave reviews on the App Store is challenging enough as it is, AppBot can help simplify it.

The service is based off of publicly-available data, so it doesn’t need to link in to iTunes Connect, and this could actually be used to track other reviews, as suggested by MacStories. For example, it would be possibly to essentially track an app in a similar space’s reviews in order to see what their users are saying, that could help improve one’s own app. As well, a weekly digest of Apple’s new features can be provided, to see just what Kind of apps Apple is featuring, and from whom.

What AppBot currently lacks is tracking of news coverage and reviews from media sites, in order to help track who in the press is saying what about one’s apps. AppBot is currently free to sign up for.


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