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App Store Metrics

We originally created our metrics page in the fall of 2008 to celebrate the App Store reaching a milestone of what at the time seemed amazing, 10,000 apps. There was a tremendous response to that page and to the App Store which is well north of half a million apps now. We’ve added a few more interesting stats and expanded the ones that were there onto this new page. Let us know what else you’d like to see on these page either in the comments below or send us feedback via email. We’ll do what we can to include them in the future.

The source of the stats is the iTunes App Store itself. We grab data from the App Store and maintain historical information on the apps included.

9/2012: Metrics update. The method used to count live apps has changed to more accurately count the number of active apps. The result is that the live count has been reduced by about 10%.

App Store Stats Summary

Count of Active Applications in the App Store [details]

Total Active Apps (currently available for download): 1,153,422
Total Inactive Apps (no longer available for download): 396,950
Total Apps Seen in US App Store: 1,550,372
Number of Active Publishers in the US App Store: 299,549

Count of Application Submissions [details]

This Month (Games): 2,065 ( 98 / day )
This Month (Non-Games): 2,856 ( 136 / day )
This Month (Total): 4,921 ( 234 / day )

Application Price Distribution [details]

Current Average App Price: $1.31
Current Average Game Price: $0.71
Current Average Overall Price: $1.22

Application Category Distribution [details]

Most Popular Categories
1 - Games (215201 active)
2 - Education (122671 active)
3 - Business (97247 active)
4 - Lifestyle (94830 active)
5 - Entertainment (90620 active)

Page last updated: 2014-04-21 23:36:03 -0700 PDT
  • Jeff

    Thanks for publishing this site. The metrics information is useful, but where can i get information about downloads per category? Thanks,

  • Roman Miklík

    pretty numbers

  • mdonovin

    any idea if you will be covering iPAD apps too?

  • griffmcgrath

    Is it possible for you to share where you are getting this information?

  • Griff

    Is it possible for you to share where you are getting that information?

  • Mr. Guerrilla Cartel

    That's excellent information, I wonder though, how many apps were bumped in the “cleaning up the content” review? Anyone know?

  • Tamer

    Can you provide statistics about sales per country or region

  • CKofAZ

    Any possible way of obtaining how many applications are downloaded each month, and then individual application downloads in each category. (Utilities, Education Games Ect…?) best/worst application sales for each category as well?

  • The Viking

    This is good information :)

    Is there any information/statistics on downloads and what people are searching for in the App Store? (most popular keywords etc.)

  • Jeroen


    I am doing research on the profitability on the iPhone and I was wondering where you get these numbers from? Where does the information come from?

  • kabir khanna

    is there some way by which I can enter an application name and know about it's popularity ? eg. how many downloads till date ?

    • Emmanuel Bellity

      We are working on it at AppsMetrix, an estimation model is being built and should come out in a few weeks

  • Debbie

    I would like a list of all the apps and a summary of what each app does. I can't find that information anywhere even at the App Store. Send it to my email or email me the web location for this information. Please don't say just try Apple or the App Store because I did. I would much rather speak to someone and have that list mailed to me if possible. I am not interested in the iPhone as a phone but I am aware of at least one application (I Speak Spanish) I would love to have..


    I wanna my magazine 'fashionbiz(' up load in APP Store. But i'm sorry only korean magazine, in korea. what can i do for it.. please teach me..^^

  • Mani

    Hi Debbi.

    Did you get the list of apps you wanted. If you did pls do share with me thru e-mail.

  • Mani

    Hi Jeroen,

    I am very much interested in knowing more about your research findings.. Would it be possible for you to share your findings with me?


  • Swing Trading

    Nice one. I have stumbled and twittered this for my friends. Others no doubt will like it like I did.

  • D Sparks

    Did you get an answer to this question? Dan

  • D Sparks

    Did you get an answer to this question? Dan

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  • shopping

    This is good information

  • RPG iPhone

    Oh this topic… Did you get the answer to this question? Dan Nice to visit your site. Wish you post another good topic like this. I will wait to read it.

  • Ivan

    I'd like to know the relationship of free apps to paid apps in each category?

    And I'd like to know the relationship of free apps to paid apps for all apps downloaded to date.

    And as I'm a curious guy, I'd like to know the relationship of free apps to paid apps for all apps refused/turned down by Apple :-)

    Its one thing for Apple to claim a total number of apps sold (actually Apples using the total number of apps downloaded free and paid, I believe). But the true numbers that tell you anything, are the total number of free apps compared to paid apps….

  • dlm08a

    I have a question on the categorization of apps. Are those exclusive, that is, each app is assigned a single category? Or would I find an app that's a musical trivia game in several categories, for instance. I'm trying to design a research project around iPhone use, and this factor plays into it.

  • GimmeTech

    Would you happen to have the Number of Active Publishers in the US App Store on a monthly basis? Please let me know if you have this information published anywhere.

    Thank you!

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  • wadelacme


    I wonder how hard would it be to include metrics of other countries appstores, as I have realized that these metrics are only focused on US's.

    If you have any procedure for data extracting and processing, I will be glad in help you out with Spanish one, or maybe scripting something to retrieve metrics for all app stores.

  • Emmanuel Bellity

    One app can be listed in several different categories

  • clive

    I uploaded snatchboard the other week to the app store, which was fine, however I am getting frustrated with the update ability and the general upload issues with the itunes connect, it seems to get stuck in “upload received” and there is no way to remove a rejected app from there. Apart from that I think its a good experience!

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  • Anonymous Coward

    Do you know how many apps support which languages?

  • Phenoum

    Is ther eany way to find a relationship of the number of “trial” apps that are identical to paid apps? ie- any way to determine how many duplicates there are for “trial” or “free” purposes?

  • RevelMob

    Great stuff, thank you. Would you have the same info for Android, Blackberry, Nokia? Thanks!

  • Henry

    Do you have any information on app downloads?

  • Eezeer NOW reviews

    Approval delay on Application update would be nice. Unless it is considered as application approval and then said so.

  • Eezeer NOW reviews

    Average iPhone Application Approval Delay

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  • Yngvar Kristiansen

    Hi, a little question about the number of submissions:

    According to Steve Jobs at Live WWDC 2010, the number of submissed apps are about 15k per week (search for “15k” at page…).

    Your stats tells me that there at most 25k app submissions per month (dec 2009), i.e. around 6k apps per week.

    How can this be? May your stat be a bit wrong, or may Jobs have made a wrong statement? I'm asking because I'm going to write a few (hopefully correct) lines about these numbers.

  • harridesign

    How many apps are downloaded daily?

  • 148Apps

    That 15k number includes updates. This number is for new applications only.

  • Amjgbr

    approval delay on update is classed as the same as a new submission.

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  • Erin

    Incredibly helpful page, thanks!

    Does anybody happen to know how many of the 44,870 current publishers actually made over $150 in order to get a check from Apple?

    $1 Billion revenue paid by Apple could (in theory) represent $3000 / app. Considering most non-book apps cost at least $20,000 to develop (ie 2 people 2-4 weeks), most are already taking a heavy loss. If you consider that the apps in the top 10 were bringing in over $10-$100K/day, it leaves very little.

    I'd be surprised if anybody got a check from Apple if they weren't in the top 500 at the end of the year.

    I'd be very surprised if more than 0.1% of the developers actually made more money than they spent.

    • Jason TEPOORTEN

      Great comment!

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  • zisso

    very nice wesite! very useful! i love it!

  • Pluto Pupy

    It says nothing . Doesnt divide Iphone and Ipad . Doesnt explain categories.
    It's useless for marketing analysis. But it's the begining of a good job

  • modular homes

    well, there are more good information!

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