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6waves’ WaveX to Bring Traffic Exchange Program to Game Developers

Mobile publisher 6waves has announced WaveX, a new advertising tool for developers to drive traffic to their games. This serves essentially as a traffic exchange, where developers can display advertisements for other games, and get more opportunities for traffic by helping to drive new installations of other games. Developers can upload graphics for both portrait and landscape games, and the service is completely free to use.

This product is very similar to something PapayaMobile just launched on Android: AppFlood. While Papaya is trying to stick to just Android at the moment, 6waves’ system could have a leg up by being on iOS. However, the similarity of both products appears to be a targeted effort: they want to drive down the costs of user acquisition by essentially allowing developers to trade traffic for free when possible.

Driving the costs of user acquisition down may have positive benefits acrsoss the board. After all, if getting new users is expensive, then it gets harder to make money off of games. Lower costs mean that it’s easier to profit, and to get higher margins. For ad networks, this could tempt developers into implementing ads into their games where they may not have, if it can help bring new users into their game. More opportunities to sell ads means more room for inventory to be sold, which makes it easier for ad networks to then sell ad slots to clients.

Obviously, the benefit for users is that with an intelligent recommendation engine, they could find interesting new titles to play, and if developers don’t have to spend as much money on marketing, that could make games better.

Of course, the drawback isi that users may only be willing to tolerate so many advertisements, and if developers aren’t bringing in actual revenue with their advertisements, and possibly even sending users away, such programs could have minimal benefit. That is the question that WaveX will have to answer. Interested developers can sign up for WaveX at 6waves’ website.

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